XL550 Kit - XL55K02



    • XLPower Specter 550 Kit
    • RT 560mm Main Rotor Blades
    • XLPower 85mm Carbon Tail Blades
    • Foam Blade Holder


    Length: 1080mm
    Height: 310mm
    Width: 160mm
    Main Blade Size: 430mm - 570mm
    Tail Blade Size: 72mm - 85mm
    Motor Pinion: 12t included; 13t optional equipment
    Main Gear: 106t
    Tail Pinion: 13t
    Autorotation Gear: 60t
    Main to Tail Gear Ratio: 4.615
    Ready to Fly Weight: 2500g - 2800g
    Main Shaft Diameter: 10mm
    Feathering Shaft Diameter: 8mm
    Tail Boom Diameter: 20mm
    Battery Tray Size: 220mm x 48mm x 55mm (6s)

    Equipment Required for Assembly:

    • Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)
    • Receiver (6-channel or more)
    • Hobbywing 120A v4 ESC (Recommended)
    • Egodrift Motor
    • Mini Size Cyclic Servos x 3
    • Full-Size Tail Servo
    • 6S Li-Po 3000 ~ 5200mAh Recommend: 5200mAh
    • Flybarless Gyro (Beastx or Futaba 760 Recommended)
    • Digital Pitch Gauge
    • Hex Screw Driver Set
    • Full-Size Cyclic Servos
    • Full-Size Tail Servo
    • Misc. Building Equipment

    manual specter 550 button

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