Specter 700 Combo - XL70K03 XL700


    Revolutionary frame design utilizes high quality aluminum and 100% carbon to reduce flying weight.


    Improved flight performance with Titanium Push Rods, 15-millimeter diameter hardened Main Shaft, and a robust swash plate with double row angular contact bearings.


    Smooth power transmission is a result of the High Precision Transmission Module. The hardened Main Shaft support is a one-piece main shaft-bearing block housing three bearings. Dual bearings support the extended motor pinion.


    Robust head design with innovate extreme dampening and adjustable pitch arms suitable for all flying preferences.


    The thick CNC Main Gear is constructed out of a special composite material. This allows for extreme pressure from disc loading for either basic flight or hard 3D maneuvers.


    The battery compartment (350mm x 66mm x 70mm) provides enough space for 12S and 14S setups.


    The battery quick tray release speeds replacement and prevents the battery trans from moving during flight.


    Superior tail performance and authority, either low or high head speeds. One-piece tail case construction with dual belt rollers.


    Aluminum Servo Horns for improved cyclic control. Foam Main Blade holder to assist with transportation of Specter 700. Three servo horns included, 25 tooth spine.


    • XLPower Specter 700 Kit
    • Egodrift 4530 Motor
    • Hobbywing 200A V4.1 ESC
    • RT 690mm Main Blades
    • XLPower 105mm Tail Blades
    • 25T Aluminum Servo Horns
    • Aluminum Bot XL70B40
    • Front Magnet Canopy Support XL70B29-2
    • Carbon Reinforcement Plates XL70B38
    • Orange Stabilizer XL70T21-1
    • Carbon Tail Boom XL70T01-1
    • Battery Tray Quick Release XL70B42
    • Motor Mount Brace (2) XL70B09-2
    • Foam Blade Holder


    Length: 1300mm
    Height: 376mm
    Width: 134mm
    Main Blade Size: 685mm - 716mm
    Tail Blade Size: 105mm - 115mm
    Motor Pinion: 11t included;10t or 12t optional equipment
    Main Gear: 106t
    Tail Pinion: 17t
    Autorotation Gear: 80t
    Main to Tail Gear Ratio: 4.7
    Ready to Fly Weight: 4900g - 5300g
    Main Shaft Diameter: 15mm
    Feathering Shaft Diameter: 10mm
    Tail Boom Diameter: 27mm
    Battery Tray Size: 350mm x 66mm x 70mm (12s-14s)

    Equipment Required for Assembly:

    • Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)
    • Receiver (6-channel or more)
    • 6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh
    • Flybarless Gyro (Beastx or Futaba 760 Recommended)
    • Digital Pitch Gauge
    • Hex Screw Driver Set
    • Full-Size Cyclic Servos
    • Full-Size Tail Servo
    • Swashplate Leveler XLPower  XL70A05
    • Misc. Building Equipment

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